Spring Clean


The sun is finally shining and we are nearly at the end of the Easter break. Whilst I should be sitting still for a while and enjoying the time given I took it upon myself to de clutter a bit and freshen up corners of the house that need an overhaul.


I can’t sit still, I get twitchy once an idea hits; so I ordered floor and wall paint, ripped up old carpet and bought linen sheets.  The paint is going on the floor boards in the spare bedroom where the carpet has been removed, more paint to totally redecorate the main bedroom and the linen sheets well they are going to be turned into curtains in my sitting room with delicious blue ticking lining.

One of the reasons I crave change is that I am permanently reading, researching, drooling over interiors.  One of my favourite places to spend a happy half hour is Light Locations an agency with a portfolio of stunning homes across the country that provide beautiful, inspiring lifestyle locations to the film, television and photographic industry.

This property has to be one of my favourites.  The juxtaposition from the old blending with the new makes my heart beat a little faster, hence the need for change in my own home. I shall let you sit back and enjoy without any more words from me.

All images above from Hawkhurst House, Kent ~ Light Locations

See told you, I hope that it has inspired you also to dust off those paint brushes and get spring cleaning …..


What do you think?

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