A Week of Quiet Contemplation


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No big post this week, I’m winding down for the Easter holidays I need to stop and take stock of how I want things to go in the future.  I read so many inspirational blogs (* see list at the end of the post for a selection) by exceedingly talented people and can’t quite work out how I can get to that level.  I shall stride on though and make my mark somehow.




Above images from my pinterest boards

Also after having a fun weekend away in Derbyshire with some of my super girlfriends I came home to the sad news that one of my beloved hens passed away in her sleep.  So my heart is a little bruised as we loved Prudence and will miss her dearly.



 Above images my own

I am however looking forward to a short weekend away in Agatha our caravan, the first trip of the year a small jaunt  just down the road but feels like a million miles away once there.  Batteries will be fully charged and I’ll be raring to go once again.

*  A Quiet Style
*  Littlegreenshed
*  Me and Orla
*  Lobster and Swan
*  Apartment Apothecary
*  Lapin Blu
*  Kickcan and Conkers
*  Little Birdie

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend whatever you may be doing, maybe spending a quiet moment indulging in a bit of reading of the above blogs, you won’t regret it!


PS.  R bought me this to cheer me up, goodness I love The Staves, it worked a treat!

4 thoughts on “A Week of Quiet Contemplation

  1. Sorry to hear about Prudence. Well, I think your blog is lovely too, and I love the images you’ve chosen here. I know what you mean about striving to get to that level. I too read so many beautiful blogs and sometimes it’s a struggle but have to just…keep…going. x

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    1. I know poor Prudence, it’s so sad when a pet dies. Thank you for you lovely words about my blog and ditto about yours I’m so pleased I found it! Yes indeed we shall both just keep on going my lovely, I dare say we couldn’t stop now even if we tried Charlotte x


  2. Lovely Jane, I’m ridiculously honoured to be in that list, but everything you do is beautiful…comparison is the thief of joy – I know that feeling well & have to give myself a good kicking! Just keep going, experiment & find what works for you. I hope your break clears your thoughts, and you have a wonderful time with your two. Big hugs, always here for a natter xxxx

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