Industrial Chic in Newcastle



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Living in the North East you are well aware of it’s industrial past; it is everywhere you look.   I find myself drawn to the industrial look more and more.  Buildings and factories that were once used to create things now transformed into homes, offices, galleries.


I was asked courtesy of the Millennium Hotels and Resort chain to choose a venue to visit in Newcastle to help promote this fabulous diverse city.  With the industrial theme caught in my head I chose to visit the Baltic (situated in Gateshead).  To my shame I had never visited the contemporary art gallery  before so now I had the opportunity to do so and I wasn’t disappointed.



The juxtaposition of this landmark industrial building on the south bank of the river Tyne, that in a former life was a flour mill, to the big open spaces with modern thought provoking art installations collated inside is quite breath taking.




My family and I decided to make a day of it in the North’s brightest city.  We caught the train, which is a stunning run via the North East coastline before coming into the Toon.  The railway station is a sight to be seen itself with it’s Victorian architecture.

It was rather a bleak grey day when we visited but that didn’t dampen our spirits as it made the surroundings even more imposing.  A quick walk down to the river, past the high end sumptuous hotels and bars, over the Gateshead Millennium bridge, or by it’s other name the winking eye, to the Baltic.

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DSCF1756I was taken by the building itself, the steel, concrete, slate, rusted metals, the dark corners to the big open bright white spaces.   We had fun in the stairwell, yes that’s right in the stairwell, where an art installation with a clever use of mirrors made the space feel like it went on into infinity.   Coming out of the darkness of the stairways into the light filled rooms with pale wooden floors and white walls with sparsely positioned art work really made me appreciate space and time.




My favourite exhibition was that of artist Tony Swain.  His work pieced together using sections of newspapers collated as his canvas and acrylic paints to create fragmented landscapes and abstract patterns.  I could have stood for hours looking at his work; you would find something new every time you viewed a piece.




All other images taken by me

The Baltic is a very diverse place to visit and I would say a must if you are ever visiting Newcastle. They have a rather cool shop too, one can never resist a shop especially one with a sense of humour.







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