A Crafternoon with Hillarys Blinds

A Crafternoon with Hillarys Blinds-004

Image 1 here, Image 2 Twig Hutchinson, Image 3 House of Rym, Image 4 Anthropologie

This week’s post is inspired by a fun afternoon crafting, and the beautiful fabrics that I was drawn to whilst doing so.  Hillarys kindly invited me to attend a crafternoon using their current range of fabrics, heavily influenced by the global style that is current at the moment.  Bright persian blues, acid yellows and bright oranges in a range of designs with an nod to an ethnic ikat feel.

A Crafternoon with Hillarys Blinds-002

A Crafternoon with Hillarys Blinds-003

Images above ~ Hillarys

Thanks to the girls from the Crafty Hen we were shown two easy projects to complete using the fabrics provided.  My favourite and the most simple but extremely effective, was making a cover for a note book.IMG_20150307_135515


Very quick and easy to do, folding the chosen fabric in a couple of easy steps and using a few small stitches to hold it in in place makes a plain notebook into a very stylish one.  I will most definitely will be doing this again as I always carry a notebook around with me.



The fabric I used for both my projects were Bazaar Porcelain a beautiful design replicating Moroccan tiles and Izra Linden a zingy acid yellow.

A Crafternoon with Hillarys Blinds-005

The other a little trickier to achieve, steady hands and a good eye for sewing was needed but a 3D bird was managed in the end.  Well I say bird, I’m not so sure mine resembles anything from the avian family but hey.  The stuffing didn’t burst it’s seams and will now come in very handy as a pin cushion when I’m crafting at home.


A fabulous tote bag given to take home after our crafting efforts was a lovely surprise, of course I chose the fabric tote made from Isra Amber to carry on the global flavour.

Hopefully this has inspired you to look differently at curtain and blind fabrics, you can use them for just about anything.








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