Styling the Seasons ~ February


Where do these months go, February and half way through already!   So welcome to my Styling the Seasons post.  I see February in a haze of blue, maybe as the skies seem bluer for longer you really do see the light change as the days pass by which brings with it a new energy.


Also another reason I see it in blue is that it’s my little blue eyed girl’s birthday this month.  It’s her favourite colour; she much prefers it to any other.  So I decided to style up a favourite metal table of mine from the Owen and Hunter stock.  I’m a huge fan of using garden tables indoors, this one especially as when you want to move it about from room to room or back outside it folds down neatly.



The 14 is a nod to it being Valentines day tomorrow, another weakness of mine is enamel ware, blue rimmed and lovely.  The treasured tea cup is one that I drink my tea from, the off cut of paint rollered paper is a left over  from another project used to line an old trunk with.  Stuff of Life by Hilary Robertson is a perfect book and just so happens to be my current read, the cover image fitted perfectly with my scheme.



Then the potted tête a tête perfectly resplendent golden faces bringing with them that nod to Spring tying it all together against a backdrop of Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball.

If you would like take part in Styling the Seasons style up a surface each month take some photos either blog about it or share on social media using the hashtag #stylingtheseasons and tag@AptApothecary and @lottsandlots/@tweetinglotts.




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