Building Blocks


We have a dream, one that is getting bigger and bigger, that my husband and I can’t stop thinking about.  We want simplicity in our lives, we want space, we want land, we want to self build.  A dream that may take us 10 years to put into action but there’s nothing like making plans for the future.

We have always been avid watchers of Grand Designs but the reality of doing it ourselves now doesn’t seem so ridiculous.  We have lived in our tiny house for 12 years and don’t plan on moving up the chain until we can find the right plot and build ourselves.  We don’t want grand and palatial we want sustainable and economical, open plan space, no renovations or knocking down to start again, just a field an architect and a designed home that fits us perfectly.


The beautiful editions of Modern Rustic by Country Living have filled my belly with fire.  Everything about these books is stunningly wonderful, they make me gasp as I turn each page.  From the traditional elements to the handmade, to the artisans and the overall good design, all with the same ethos that embodies how we feel about how we want to live.

Building Blocks

Simplicity is key so the architecture has to represent this, I came across Dualchas and I found exactly what we are after, box like structures with every element I crave: the cladding, the big windows, the concrete.

Building Blocks-001

Inside needs to be streamlined, handmade; a clean space in which I can fill with my more rustic pieces, who says a modern box needs to be minimalist.  It will have storage, lots of it to hide away the mundane to highlight the pieces you want on show.  A big must for us is a log burner a heat source that can warm the whole house.

Building Blocks-005

Building Blocks-004

Building Blocks-003

Building Blocks-006

Building Blocks-002

We want to be able to blend contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship using items and furniture from places such as British Standard, Folk at Home, The Wood Pigeon, Millington & Hope.  Tactile fabrics, linens, blankets, woven rugs, wood, hemp cushions the list is endless but very calming.

Building Blocks-008

Building Blocks-007

All images ~ Modern & Rustic Pinterest Board

Until the day arrives for our new space to be a reality, I shall keep collating images, buying books for inspiration and trying to live our simple life within our own four walls that we habit now.  I think we are managing mighty fine for now but there’s no harm in having a life plan is there?





2 thoughts on “Building Blocks

    1. Thank you Kate! Goodness I have many favourite childrens shops, I think I may have listed them in a previous post but at the moment you really can’t beat places like Jigsaw and basics from Gap. Jane


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