Improve, Renovate or Start from the Beginning

Improve, Renovate or Start from the Beginning-005

Do you find yourself thinking of ways you can improve the space you live in, I do.  We have lived in our little house for 12 years bought due to budget, locality to work and not really having the vision for anything else at the time.  As the years have rolled past our lives are now completely different we are not so wet behind the ears, simple home improvements have been made over time, a new kitchen installed and many a wall colour and flooring changed and updated to our taste but nothing exciting and off the wall.  We now have grander plans.

We talk of extending to make the ground floor space larger and more open plan the use of glass is a component that we always come back too, having something completely juxtaposed to the original house rather than a bland pastiche, why not have something utterly different?

Improve, Renovate or Start from the Beginning-002

 Glass Extension Images here

I have a passion for cladding too in all it’s forms so tactile, for me a new space has to look good on the outside as well as the inside.

Improve, Renovate or Start from the Beginning-003

Improve, Renovate or Start from the Beginning-004

Timber Cladding Images here

A perfect example of such a space is this home in the woods, blending perfectly into it’s surroundings but  keeping it’s simplicity.  The home improvement ideas put in to practice with this build are streamlined and simple but yet very homely.

Improve, Renovate or Start from the Beginning-001Facit Homes ~

How about changing the the house that you live in now to morph from that ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.  That is exactly what took place with this inspiring renovation, everything about this project pricks my senses, the open plan ground floor, polished concrete, pared back interiors; the improvements made to this home are stunning.   The clean lines of the white wall colour and flooring working together perfectly and the tactile element of the concrete blend seamlessly throughout the ground floor space.  I find myself ever more drawn to these living room renovation ideas, open space, beautifully designed but simple furniture that complements the overall design.

Improve, Renovate or Start from the Beginning


So for now our heads are full of inspiration knowing that our ambitions go deeper and further than that.   We are going to go back to basics, to start from the very beginning and one day build from scratch, a pipe dream at the moment but next weeks post will delve into my ambitious plans for the future.




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