Styling The Seasons ~ January

IMG_20150101_144609It’s January a month that seems to be portrayed with a bleak overview but I suppose it’s how you perceive it to be yourself.  If you look closely enough the light is rather stunning, soft and clear, the colour of the skies with it’s beautiful and muted tones.  This post rolls on from my post last week about colour and how you reflect this in your home from month to month.


My family and I went to blow the cobwebs away on New Years Day in the sand dunes not too far from my home, it was a wonderful few hours spent in the open air clearing ones head.  I took a few snaps as the light was compelling.  These tones of nature were the starting point for my decision to take part in Styling the Seasons via Apartment Apothecary and Lotts and Lots.


So I got out my camera and restyled a surface in my home with things I have about that are poignant to me at this moment in time.  I always change things around, no surface stays the same from week to week but you don’t really notice yourself doing it, so this little project will record this process and hopefully bring me great joy.






I love flax linen the slubby colour and texture makes for a lovely runner so that’s where I started.  The crate is one of many I use as storage but they make wonderful shelves and focal points for styling objects.  I always have candles dotted around at this time of year as they give off such a subtle glow on an evening.  The dried eucalyptus and pine branches are left overs, salvaged from Christmas displays but highlight the colours of January perfectly.  The wooden artists hand was a gift to Ruby, she loves drawing and wants to perfect hands so hey presto that’s her project for the months to come.   The shiny silver clutch bag from The Future Kept is a sign of looking forward, a treat to myself to use when travelling about to keep all my bits and bobs together.  Then the books, my reference points I find they help me focus on what I want to do and be, the answers that come back are always the same my passion for interiors and style never wanes, so I shall keep working towards those goals.  The bangles, well I’m never without chunky pieces I can’t help myself, I’m a girl who loves over sized accessories.

I have found this step a rather cathartic one and has given me a new purpose, so if you want to take part style up a surface each month take some photos either blog about it or share on social media using the hashtag #stylingtheseasons and tag @AptApothecary and @lottsandlots/@tweetinglotts.



6 thoughts on “Styling The Seasons ~ January

    1. Oh my dear what lovely things to say, blank spaces to play are the best, it really clears ones head. Getting the paint roller out this weekend, perfect tones that match this post perfectly xxxx


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