Birthday Blues & Winter Whites


Above image my own

Good morning one and all, it’s my birthday tomorrow it creeps up on you without realising after the hulabaloo of the Christmas season it kind of gets forgotten about.  I find it all a little bittersweet I don’t quite know what to make of it.  I think I shall have to officially have two, one in January to mark my birth but one in July so we can have a good old celebration in the sunshine just like the Queen.

Winter Whites-002

Winter Whites-001

Everything else feels a little empty too the bright and shiny has all been packed away again for another year and your surroundings look a little lost and a tad bleak but sometimes you have to really stop and take stock, look around and see the beauty in the colours of the season, the pale off white grey tinted clouds, the big brooding water blue skies, the earthy browns and greens.

Winter Whites-005

Winter Whites-003

Winter Whites-004

This colour palette is rather refreshing and having it reflect in ones home is refreshing in itself.

Winter Whites-006

Winter Whites

All other images here

New shoots starting to appear showing signs that Spring isn’t too far away and so the hues change along with your spirit for new challenges and exciting projects ahead.

A new project I’ve decided to get involved in is Style the Season with Apartment Apothecary and Lotts and Lots it looks like a lot of fun to spend a creative moment recording a space each month where you will visibly see the change of season and your mood at that precise point in time.  A big thank you to Sarah-Lou from Lapin Blu who inspired me to take part.

So come back next week and see what I come up with ….


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