Shades of Black & Grey


This post was inspired by pulling on my favourite gloves by Rose B Brown first thing Monday morning.  My outfit was definitely a monochromed affair grey and black stripes and beautiful knits.


Shades of Black & Grey-010

I know I have touched on these tones previously but I get drawn back time after time.  I have always dressed in shades of grey and black for as long as I can remember as I feel comfortable and confident in them.   So of course my Christmas jumper of choice this year is a big knitted grey number from Jigsaw and it’s sheer bliss!

Shades of Black & Grey-004

Shades of Black & Grey-009

My husband and I dream of building our own house one day, top of the agenda is to have charred wood cladding and concrete, a pared back interior with a colour palette to match and I’m sure if I get my way some elements of black in there too.

Shades of Black & Grey-007

Shades of Black & Grey-003

Shades of Black & Grey-005

Shades of Black & Grey-006

I do find a touch of black creates a calming effect bringing a scheme together perfectly, next room to decorate is my bedroom, at the moment a fiery red but I am sorely tempted to go dark dark dark when the paint brushes next come out.

Shades of Black & Grey-008

Shades of Black & Grey-002

Being a bit creative with black is a refreshing change, from patchwork quilts to painted crosses on a white background all extremely bold and effective.

Shades of Black & Grey

Shades of Black & Grey-001

You can even embrace a hint of jet in your Christmas decorations this year if you are really brave.









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