A Simple Christmas


It’s that time again the anticipation is building in my home for the decorations to be welcomed down from out of the loft and the ritual of choosing the perfect tree which takes a while I can tell you, I am terribly fussy.   The rest is nature bound, I fill glass jars with eucalyptus, ivy and off cuts of pine, dry orange segments to  use as decorations, fill bowls with clove studded oranges.  I like it simple and organic.


Above images my via instagram

This year I even hand made my own wreath with the help from my dear friends Darling and Green and created a hand tied arrangement to place on my back door using left over pine, twigs and dried orange segments bound together with good old garden twine.

A Simple Christmas-006

A Simple Christmas-001

A Simple Christmas-004

So I thought today’s post we would go down the simple route, a few inspirational images and ideas a plenty for you to create a simple nature filled Christmas too from wreaths, to filling vessels, to trees of all sizes, candles and fairy lights.

A Simple Christmas-005

A Simple Christmas-002

A Simple Christmas

A Simple Christmas-003

All other images from my Tis The Season Pinterest Board

All super simple and easy to recreate in your own home for a truly stylish Christmas.





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