Shutterly Fabulous


I’ve always had a hankering for a window shutter but haven’t managed to install any as yet but I find myself wanting them more and more especially in my kitchen.  I have the perfect window with the sink beneath looking out on to the street where I think a shutter would work brilliantly.  At the moment I have a Venetian blind that I really don’t like any more but a café shutter would be a fabulous addition, folded back through the day so the light can pour in and closed on an evening to create that perfect screen from the outside world.


Above Images ~ Thomas Sanderson

A perfect place to go for all your shutter needs is Thomas Sanderson  who would complete the overall look to perfection especially their collaboration with Fired Earth, their muted tones would add that extra touch to any scheme.




The choice is endless from the classic, to café or tiered, shutters shaped to fit any sized window even those tricking bays.  The functionality is also key not just the aesthetic value they control the light in the space, shade and heat also essential for privacy.



A shutter works in any room of your house be it modern minimalism, quaint country cottage to a large period property, perfect for the bathroom and bedroom a real statement piece just like a beautifully crafted piece of furniture.



All other images ~ Pinterest

If you really are not a shutter or overly fussy window treatment kind of person then a simple blind may be just for you.  Practical in every way nothing hiding your view, hidden away until needed or even better a remote controlled blind could be installed for that tricking sky light or hard to reach roof window, just sit back and press a button to let the daylight envelope the room.


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