A Wonderful Gift from Wallography


I have been a über fan of Wallography for some time now so I am utterly excited about a little  give away of sorts that I can offer to you my dear readers.  In collaboration with Wallography I can offer a 25% discount on purchases from the very stylish wall art store, you will find the special code at the end of the post, a perfect Christmas gift in the making.

wallography_fly_3 - Copy

wallography_cat_2 - Copy

Wallography opened their online doors in 2013 with a vision to create art using scientific illustrations of the past and I think they are succeeding with huge aplomb.  The quirkiness and versatility of one of their beautifully illustrated charts creates such a wow factor and can be used in any scheme to great effect.



Above images ~ Wallography

You have many a category to choose from so the right chart for you is only a click away be it pure vintage pieces to botanical, zoology, fruits, trees, flowers even bugs.

I think any wall chart makes a statement, they are perfect for a child’s bedroom; with educational value thrown in as well as being ascetically pleasing.  They also look amazing in the bathroom especially if you go down the zoological route.  One of their darker botanical or fruit prints would brighten up a wall in a guest bedroom.





Above images my B for Botanical Pinterest Board

Such choice, and all you have to do is use this code Loveteawithruby at the checkout to receive your 25% discount.  Easy-peasy don’t you think!


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