Cable & Cotton


Everyone likes fairy lights especially at this time of the year, they are a very versatile visual effect making a space feel extra special.  I love having them hung around a bed or over a mantle piece, around a door or strung across a ceiling.

Cable & Cotton-005

Cable & Cotton-004

 Two images above via pinterest

Then I came across Cable & Cotton, strings of lights with a whole new pizazz, a burst of colour in any combination that suits you, your mood, your interior with a big helping of fun.

Cable & Cotton-003

The ethos behind Cable & Cotton is also a very good one, each orb is hand made by true crafts women in Thailand. In the companies own words

We take pride in their working conditions, where their “office” is in the fresh, open air. Set up with the help of the Thai government’s project OTOP, and designed to support small sustainable business projects in rural Thailand, Cable & Cotton guarantees year-round income for our workers.”

By owning these fabulous lights you are helping to support an entire community which has got to be a very good thing in my book.



The Cable & Cotton site is a joy also, bright a breezy and very easy to use, I spent quite a while choosing the colour combination watching my string of lights change and come to life on the screen, having that visual effect really helps you make the right decision depending on what you are going to be using your lights for.


 Above images taken my me

The lights are super easy to put together, you can decide the way you want you chosen colours to be positioned then all you have to do is wrap, hang, coil, place them where ever you want.



 Two images above via Cable & Cotton


 Image via pinterest

It is also the perfect time of year to be updating those tree lights and goodness me you could create an amazing effect this season with a couple of strings of these special lights.



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