A Country Fair

A Country Fair - Copy

This week is a stock sorting kind of week.  Owen and Hunter will be frequenting a beautiful fair nestled amongst the stunning scenery of the North Yorkshire town of Pickering.  We do love our jobs as Friday evening and Saturday will be spent amongst good company in a lovely old building and sparkly fairy lights the will bring out the festive side in all of us.




A Country Fair-004 - Copy




Above images taken by me

So the camera came out and a few items have been noted for sale.  It’s always a surprise to me when I go rootling in my stock as I forget what I’ve got so I get a nice surprise and then a glimmer of “shall I keep this one?”; but no, in the for-sale box it will go!

A Country Fair-003 - Copy

A Country Fair-002 - Copy

A Country Fair-001 - Copy

Exciting things are afoot for Owen and Hunter next year so please keep watching to see what we get up to next but until then our inspiration boards are always being updated and you can contact us via email oh@owenandhunter.co.uk.

We will be in the Friends Meeting House, Pickering on Fri 5pm ~ 8pm and again on Saturday 10am ~ 3pm.

Have a lovely weekend








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