To Retreat


A short and sweet post today, no interiors styling ramblings just a few words and pictures of my week as I’ve been on a retreat in our wonderful caravan.

The joy of having a van that can live just outside your back door is when the mood takes you, you can pack up and travel half an hour down the road into the countryside and disappear for a few days surrounded by nature, fresh air and days that seem to go on forever, sheer bliss!


Agatha is truly home from home we were nestled in a dingle dell on the outskirts of a beautiful North Yorkshire village.  Ruby ran wild in the play park wood with new friends made within 5 minutes of arriving, we didn’t see her from dawn until dusk.

Autumn Hols

We went house dreaming on a walk into the village to frequent the pub, came up with plans and schemes of buying a plot of land and creating our ideal home.  We also decided on a few older properties that took our fancy in the village too, we shall keep on dreaming and saving our pennies for that rainy day.



Plenty of reading took place, a few glasses of wine were quaffed and lots and lots of sleep was had.  We didn’t want to leave, we never do.



Back home catching up and enjoying the last few days of the Autumn break from school, snuggling in bed on a morning, cooking homely food, watching silly films and carving pumpkins.  Also putting up my new light from The Olive Tree about which I am most excited, filament bulbs and flex really are my favourite things at the moment.

I hope that you have all had a super week and are raring to go, batteries recharged ready for the coming week.



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