To Embrace Autumn

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Well I think I can finally say for me Autumn is well and truly here.  I have been trying to avoid it as long as possible, I wanted the summer to carry on and on this year; nope, I haven’t been quite ready for all things Autumnal.

To Embrace Autumn-001

Now that I have opened my arms to embrace the changing season I’m surrounding myself with beautiful inspirational images full of texture and warmth, pops of orange and russet.  Wood comes into play too in all it’s forms.

To Embrace Autumn

To Embrace Autumn-006

Do you bring out more cushions and blankets?  I know I do, warmer wools strewn over sofas and chairs and a few more in baskets just in case.  I also move things around to create new displays bringing nature indoors.

To Embrace Autumn-004

To Embrace Autumn-002

Spending time on lovely long weekends in the kitchen when it’s squally outside, making pies and puddings using seasonal products is a true pleasure. It is also a wonderful time to stop for a while curl up on the sofa with a book and dream, this is the season I plan out new alterations to my own home by immersing myself in my many interior books and magazines.

To Embrace Autumn-003

To Embrace Autumn-005

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So as the school holidays and the spooky goings on of Halloween fast approach take a moment to indulge ones senses to the joy of Autumn.

(a few items for the season, best place for snugly bedding and sleepwear is Toast, blankets The Atlantic Blanket Company and The Vintage Blanket Co, induglent skin care The Future Kept)


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