A Decorative Affair in the City


One lazy Sunday morning I received an out of the blue message from Caroline Zoob inviting me to attend the Decorative Living Fair in Chelsea Town Hall.  Of  course I didn’t hesitate saying yes please; train tickets were booked, bag packed with essential camera and reading material for the journey and off I went.

Decorative Living

I met my dear friend, photographer Sally Crane at the station and we enjoyed the day together pottering around Kings Road on such a fine balmy day, thoroughly enjoying the fair and treating ourselves to a few museum stops and a mooch in Cabbages and Roses shop on Sydney Street, such a delight.

Decorative Living-007

Decorative Living-003

Decorative Living-005

Chelsea Town Hall is such a stunning venue architecturally but it was also filled to the brim with the most delicious decorative stands that complemented the environment perfectly, you really didn’t know where to look next.  Each area was brimming with everything that I love and I wanted it all, it truly was a stylist dream.

Decorative Living-004



The contrast between Ed Strutt’s chunky wooden boards, to the brocante filled Weathered and Worn display.  Interspersed with Hungarian grain sacks from Beyond France to the ever so delicate colour palette of Gil Fox’s corsages and hats to the sumptuous Vintage French and Italian furniture and objects by Mascolo Casadéjus whose online store will be opening shortly.

Decorative Living-001

Decorative Living-006


If I had to choose a favourite stand which is exceedingly difficult considering the high standard of businesses but two do spring to mind.  Oyster Bridge & Co and i gigi General Store both have  a style that makes me tingle from head to toe, those little decorative touches from the patina of zinc dolly tubs filled with blushed hydrangea heads to the simplicity of stacked natural antique linens and bowls of horn bangles, sublime.

Decorative Living-002


It was one of the most uplifting days a girl could have, one to go to the top of the memory bank so thank you Caroline.


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