Influenced by Grey


It’s a grey old day outside but I don’t mind a jot, I quite like the misty mornings and the subdued light.  Grey in all it’s guises is really making me happy at the moment I can’t quite get enough.  I went out last weekend at the crack of dawn to go buying and on my return I amassed my finds on the kitchen table and all of them unintentionally where different hues of grey.

Influenced by Grey-001

Above images ~ Instagram

I don’t find it a harsh colour, it works so well in  many environments.  So many natural elements are a form of grey, from concrete to zinc, the textures rough to shiny smooth.

Influenced by Grey

Influenced by Grey-004

Influenced by Grey-002

Crochet blankets or block coloured wool, grey plastered walls, stylishly pared back interiors I find utterly spellbinding.

Influenced by Grey-008

Influenced by Grey-007

Influenced by Grey-009

So I shall let these images do the talking this time, pure and simple.

Influenced by Grey-003

Influenced by Grey-005

Influenced by Grey-006

 Images ~ Pinterest


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