Bathing Belle

Bathing Belle-009

Above snippets of the bathroom

My bug bear room, the room I haven’t changed that much apart from revealing the floorboards and painting the walls and of course changing the obligatory loo seat, you have just got to have your own don’t you think?   To most my bathroom is clean bright and functional but oh how I dream 0f ripping it out and making it totally mine.  It is tiny, fit the three of us in and you start having problems, another reason for never changing it is it’s the only one we have, no en-suite or second bathroom for us I’m afraid so the upheaval would be a royal pain in the you know what.

Bathing Belle-002

Bathing Belle-006

So I shall carry on dreaming for now, reclaimed free standing bath tub, beautifully placed sink crafted out of something other than what it was meant for.

Bathing Belle-001

Bathing Belle

Bathing Belle-003

I want a butler sink, taps on the wall, hidden pipework and panelled walls with quirky shelves for all my bits and bobs, perfectly placed of course.

Bathing Belle-007

Bathing Belle-004

Ladders to store fluffy white towels a heated towel rail would be heaven, my radiator just doesn’t cut the mustard.  A chippy cupboard or crates stacked filled with pickling jars holding the useful items or to store neatly folded grain sacks which make wonderful bath mats.

Bathing Belle-005

Bathing Belle-008

Images ~ Pinterest

So this isn’t a really practical post more a fantasy ramble, I’m not giving you anything other than what floats about in my head when I’m sat soaking in a bubble bath conjuring up my perfect room to bathe.


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