Tranquillity with a Hint of Japanese

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Farrow and Ball have managed to do it again, they made my heart beat a little faster when I saw their stunning new wallpaper designs.

They have released 4 new designs in 5 different colour ways within each design, all of which compliment and contrast with their stunning paint.  The new collection is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the ethos of British and Japanese design compiled in the unique style of Farrow and Ball that we all know and love.

“Yukutori meaning birds flying away in a group; is a simple design taken from a mid-twentieth century Japanese pen and ink drawing. The soft outlines of birds float across the paper creating a delicately patterned effect that could be as easily interpreted as the crests of waves or mountain tops.”

F&B Wallaper 2014

F&B Wallaper 2014-001

“Amime meaning the space between netting; is also taken from a pen and ink drawing. It is a beautifully textured woven design that conjures picturesque scenes of Japanese fishermen repairing their nets.”

F&B Wallaper 20141

F&B Wallaper 2014-002

“Shouchikubai meaning apricot, bamboo and pine, all plants associated with celebration; has a very Oriental feel, featuring flowers, bamboo and trees in distinctively Japanese hexagonal frames. It is taken from a metallic print found in Kyoto.”

F&B Wallaper 2014-004

F&B Wallaper 2014-005

“Aranami meaning raging waves; is taken from a painstakingly crafted papercut design which Farrow & Ball upscaled to create a detailed, flowing pattern.”

F&B Wallaper 20142

F&B Wallaper 2014-003

I would highly recommend watching this stunning behind the scenes film of the shoot, beautifully filmed and confirmed in my mind why I am so passionate about interiors and design.

All Images and quotes taken from Farrow and Ball



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