The Natural Way with Rose B. Brown

Rose B Brown

Rose B Brown-002

I like the way that nature finds itself being a huge influence over interior trends season on season and that of the fashion industry also.  Natural elements are a favourite of mine, beautiful chunky knits, hand woven linens, wood of any structure is pleasing in my eye.  The colour ways of all these from the palest of pales to the deepest of deep make for a homely interior, take all these organic elements and your wardrobe can be just as inviting.

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Images above here & here

I have recently come across a wonderful designer with all these beliefs in design, from the start to the very finished article Rose B. Brown creates stunning pieces in her collections to perfection.  I am lucky enough to own the softest pair of gloves and scarf from the Autumn/Winter collection that will be used constantly as the weather turns.

Rose B Brown-004

Above Image Mine


I have the honour of being able to feature Rose on the blog today, the following are her inspirational words…

“Rose B. Brown is a Luxury Fashion and Knitwear Label, which focuses on the design and production of timeless, quality clothing made in Great Britain.


Our keep it British ethos is not just limited to fabric, yarn and production but for every part of the day-to-day running of the business. It is such a positive aspect of running a small company when you can go to visit the production workshop in an afternoon, have a cup of tea with the seamstresses and keep in good contact with all your suppliers.


I started Rose B. Brown as a means of bringing together my love of designing and creating knitted fabric with the technical skills of pattern cutting and garment construction that were passed down to me by my mum. Unifying these two processes means we can wear knitwear any time of year! I am always inspired by the contrast between the two different structures of knitted and woven fabrics and how they compliment each other.


The collection combines understated, contemporary design with the finest Scottish spun lambswool and natural fabrics to create sophisticated, functional clothing for women who are interested in the processes involved with the items she wears.


I am inspired by a wealth of different cultures and processes such as graphic arts, the art deco period, Scandinavian design and traditional Japanese craft techniques like origami and block printing. I love to see ornate or well-crafted design in a decaying or desolate setting, like an intact art deco stain glass window in an abandoned building or the upholstery on the London Tube. I think it is the tarnished colours that draw inspiration out of these objects or the fact that I can appreciate something that has lost its glamour.


Images above provided by Rose B. Brown

I am constantly designing, mostly in my head but then once a week I try to make all my ideas come out of the end of my pencil. I find it difficult to start without a palette of colours in front of me and an idea of what materials I will use. This research is an incredibly lengthy process, especially since I have limited myself to UK businesses but I enjoy the challenge. As soon as fabric, yarn and palettes are decided on I can begin creating a mood board, knitting new patterns on my knitting machine and trying out colour combinations. My design process never seems to always happen in a very strategic manner, but you can’t help when a good idea comes – if the buttons are chosen before the yarn, I just have to design around it!”

You can keep up to date with Rose B. Brown via the website, facebook and instagram.

Happy shopping as I know none of you will be able to resist!




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