White = Calm


 Image ~ Mine

I have just spent five minutes hanging out a whole line of white items on the washing line, the last bits of my holiday washing.   It made me smile glistening in the sun, white makes me feel calm, I like white bedding, white towels, linens and crockery as you already know.  More and more white is creeping in to my house and wardrobe and I rather like it, granted I don’t think I could live in a minimalist white box but it’s amazing by just adding a touch here or there what balance it creates.

White = Calm-005

White = Calm-004

There is a preconception that white will be too cold or get filthy in seconds if you have children or animals but if you are clever enough and use the right paint on the wall and covers that can easily wash it’s as versatile as it gets.  You can introduce white in other ways rather than a full scheme, change your soft furnishings, add white based window treatments or a simple throw for your bed.

White = Calm-003

The past three interior books I have read are predominately based around the pale colour spectrum especially At Home With White by Atlanta Bartlett, a very good read to convert the most reluctant of us all.

I find the muted simplicity of Swedish and French design compelling the beauty of the simple furnishings and lightness of each room from the kitchen through to the bedroom.

White = Calm

White = Calm-001

Above Images ~ Pinterest

When I go on buying trips for Owen and Hunter I am drawn to the softer paler items, chippy white metal daybeds and cafe tables, linens, enamelware with hints of zinc a few pastel coloured buckets and bread bins the list is endless.  Add in a hint of weathered wood, tarnished metals and oatmeal coloured grain sack to soften the overall feel and I’m a happy girl.

OH Tumblr

 Images ~ Owen and Hunter

So embrace white with its plethora of hues, it certainly is a palette that needs to be given space in your home.



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