A Changing Display


I can’t leave things the same for long.  I display items, move them about, rearrange and curate quite often much to my husbands dismay.   I often sit late in the evening and decide to radically change something, the current change wanted is to take up my spare bedroom carpet and paint the boards but that will have to wait until I return from my holidays.


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This week a little job was completed by changing the door handles of the drawers on Ruby’s wardrobe.  It really is amazing how a door handle can change the look of a piece in a matter of minutes.  These handles came from a wonderful company called Trinca Ferro who specialise in all manor of decorative handles, the choice they have is extensive.




A lick of paint on some tired furniture a change of handles, a crate made into a shelf, these simple things can alters the dynamics of a space entirely.




Grouping items is also a good way of displaying collections be it art work, quirky pieces that you simply love from cake tins, mirrors, keys or empty frames the choice is endless and it means your well curated collection of things can make a statement and not have to be hidden away in a drawer.



Don’t be scared of filling a wall space with to create a work of art that can be moved and changed around with the seasons or as your tastes change.


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Sometimes you can make a very simple display out of the simplest of items using every day items.

So take a look at your home, if there is a room that needs that little something I hope this has inspired you to change handles on those drawers, paint that side table, fill that empty wall with art work that you have lying around or a collection of  your children’s drawings.





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