Outside Calling

It truly is the height of summer, you feel that time could stand still for a while as the sun is at it’s highest, balmy days are at their longest and you find moments to just be.  Outside really comes into it’s own; time for your outdoor space to work for itself.

Outside Calling

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The above images are from homify  a brand spanking new collaborative platform available in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the UK.  They are made up of professionals from many different fields in architecture, interior design, interior decoration and construction. They are a one stop shop for that home project that needs tackling from start to finish such as your outdoor space, garden design even down to the perfect pergola.

I love using quirky pieces in my garden, I’m an old battered French chair kind of gal but there are so many garden furniture options and varieties out there from modern contemporary styles to retro and vintage to full on living areas whatever your budget or size of plot.

Outside Calling-006

Outside Calling-005

Outside Calling-002Being able to eat outside is a joy, there are no restrictions to how you choose to do it either, why not dress your table the same as you would if you were entertaining indoors.   I can’t think of anything more pleasing than a lazy lunch amongst the flower beds or under the shade of a gravelled area with canopy, perfectly planted with scented climbers and festooned with lighting to take full effect in the evening.

Outside Calling-003

Outside Calling-004

Outside Calling-001


All other images here and here

Creating your outdoor space well needs a bit of thought, good garden design really helps make use of your surroundings and makes sure that you use it productively.  Planting your herb garden near to the kitchen or outside cooking area, or to the shaded courtyard where on good days you can work outside surrounded by plants in an array of pots.  To the sunny spot where the most fragrant of blooms are planted next to the chair where you can relax and read a good book.

Let’s enjoy every moment!




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