Workspace Heaven


I truly am a sit at the kitchen table kind of gal but I do have nick nacks around me that make it all the more pleasant and the coffee pot is close to hand.   I find nothing more depressing than utilitarian standard corporate office furniture all beige, boring and rather ugly.  Being inventive with your home workspace is key, if you have the luxury of a whole room dedicated to daily business lucky you, if not get creative.   Bring your personality into the space and make it yours, it’s amazing what you can achieve with a little imagination.

Work Space-006

If you have space along a wall be it the living room, hall, kitchen or spare bedroom you can create a well styled station that when not in use looks pleasing to the eye.

Work Space

To have a desk under a window is quite a luxury, having natural daylight and a beautiful view when you are deep in thought is a lovely bonus and also fabulous if you are crafting.  Natural light far out ways straining ones eyes under the glow of your desk lamp.

Work Space-001

To have a dedicated space is sheer luxury, a shed, garden house or home office a stroll away down the garden path truly makes you feel like you are going to work and once finished close the door and switch off.   You can have so much fun with transforming this space into your own sanctuary. Regardless of how you decorate be it full of colour or muted tones everything will have it’s place, no need for tidying away at the end of the day.

Work Space-004

Work Space-003

Just have fun with your chosen workspace area, some may prefer the pared back look, everything hidden away a minimalist.  Others will love having their ideas and thoughts shown through moodboards above the desk that change with each project that is being worked on helping with those creative moments.

Work Space-002

Work Space-005

Some may be studious and prefer books covering every surface, decorated in deeper shades creating the feel of a gentlemen’s club or library with everything still at hand.  The contrast to this is light and airy using shades of white pale, painted wooden furniture, wire work accessories, a pale calming space to while away the hours.



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    Hello there! Sorry for the recent silence. Been busy working and trying to keep in better touch with family, and doing life things. Meanwhile, though, I’ve still had some time to wander back over to Rigby & Mac in Dulwich (they celebrate their 25th birthday this Thursday, we will be there with bells on, no doubt!), and to Smug in Islington for a Sunday morning breakfast involving croissants and shelfies! I only found out what a shelfie was at this event, haha. Pictures soon (oh dear, we are now many posts behind, aren’t we??).

    Meanwhile, we bring you another Real Studio from one of our favourite bloggers, Jane Day at Tea with Ruby. She so kindly let us take a peek into her workspace, and it’s dashing and charming all at once! Enjoy (and wrap up warm, brr! Autumn is truly here).xx


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