Linen Does It For Me

I have a small burning passion for linen, I simply adore it.   I have a summer wardrobe that consists of it, my living room has a blind made out of it, my bedroom has a wardrobe door draped in it and so does the bed and the stair bannister.  So yes you could say I like linen it does it for me.



It started quite a few years ago whilst holidaying in France, I found a wonderful warehouse brocante that had the most amazing stuff crammed into it and one of those said items was a huge Armoire stuffed full with linens.  I could have wept as I wanted it all but as I was camping in a tent the possibility of bringing any of it home was rather slim.    Fast forward to today and my French linen bed sheet pile is growing, beautifully soft but heavy some monogrammed some not, some so old that they have a hand stitched seam down the middle as the looms they were made on weren’t wide enough.  They all have a story too one of the oldest I have is from the early 19th century, oh the tapestry of life it has seen and now I am a lucky custodian until it passes onto someone else.



 Above Images all ~  My Pinterest

The beauty of these linens is their versatility, find ones with odd bits of wear or marks and they make wonderful projects for the home, my Roman blind in my living room is just fabulous, the left over material has made many a cushion and lavender bag.



A current project of mine is my caravan Agatha and of course there is a sheet draped over the bed with my two partners in crime initials monogrammed on it ‘RR’, the horrid nasty curtains that came with her are going and yes you guessed it linen Swedish blinds to be put up.  Also I wanted many cushions so got the sewing machine out and made lots, along with a very stylish and simple fly screen made with French cotton muslin.   My thrifty ways came to the fore, instead of having a screen put in by the caravan company for a hefty fee I purchased a couple of metres of the muslin and got paint rollering, the result was stunning.  It works wonders on linen so I made cushions too.



I’ve also played about with hand dying vintage linen to great effect, I recently custom made some drawstring bags to house a luxury B&B’s hair dryers in the Peak District,  It was most fun.


 Above images taken by me

Now my collection is getting too big I am going to be buying to sell on, so watch this space, along with cushions and table runners a pile of pristine vintage sheets will hopefully be coming with me and Owen and Hunter to the Festival of Thrift in September, who knows I may ignite a passion in a fellow shopper!








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