The Light Effect

I say lets have fun with lighting, there are no set rules on how we light our homes, from down lights, wall lights, pendant lights, filament bulbs, task lighting, dimmers we can have them all.   Today we are spoilt for choice and all of them whatever shape or form can be lit in an energy efficient way.   One of my pendant lights in the kitchen bit the dust last week but it managed to shine on us for over 10 years how amazing is that, I like the warming slow glow of an energy saving bulb.  There is a myriad of choice from Lightbulbs Direct which will make your head spin, they kindly sent me an integral LED bulb to try out which will fit my beside lamp perfectly.



Above Images ~ My Instagram

I like quirky too.  Recently we updated a horrid spot light in our bedroom to a super stylish jelly mould light from RE and I have treated myself and the caravan awning to a bell jar light from Baileys with metres of flex to hang over our camping table, you didn’t think I would have a boring light when camping did you?


A one stop shop for beautifully different lighting is Folly & Glee handmade shades made with vintage fabric, porcelain attachments, colanders to cheese grater just brilliant.




I like the industrial look at the moment, all bare bulbs and metal, they make a quite a statement, also grouping lights together creating a bigger impact.



Using soft materials giving a draped effect, rather easy to make one yourself with linen, muslin,  or even straw hats; and then there is the decedant chandelier if you have the space to go bling.


Pendant lights over a dining table give off the perfect light, especially if a dimmer is installed so when work is need to be done the light can be bright but when and intimate diner party is in full swing the lights can be at a warm glow.



Table lamps are a must especially in your main sitting rooms or bedroom creating pools of light highlighting certain areas and great for reading by or working at your desk, the same applies to a well placed wall light.  Nothing worse than a glaring light in the middle of the room, it never makes any interior sing.


Images sourced from ~ My Pinterest

Of course we mustn’t forget the outside especially at this time of year being out on balmy evenings enjoying your surroundings, strings of lights lining a path or seating area always add a touch of fun and look stunning too.

So don’t delay get looking at your lighting, change those bulbs for energy efficient ones or even go one step further and purchase a new quirky light fitting.












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