The Natural Way Underfoot

Natural Undefoot-007

As soon as I could save enough pennies I changed the carpet in our living room and stairs to my all time favourite natural floor covering.   Sisal, jute, coir, seagrass you have many a choice to make from the smooth and softness of jute to the coarseness of coir and the depth or lightness of colour within each flooring.

Natural Undefoot-002

I simply love the feel of the natural floorings, they work very well within any interior scheme as a perfect base to start from whether or not you are in a country cottage or a city apartment.  I also love the ecological properties too all made  from natural products and so hard wearing, even our underlay is made from recycled fleeces how marvellous is that.

Natural Undefoot-005

If you don’t fancy going the whole hog you can have tailor made rugs made to order which look equally as fabulous on old wooden floor boards, I do like the definition of the sumptious wood with the juxtaposition of a coir mat, it adds texture and warmth to any room.

Natural Undefoot-001

Natural Undefoot

I am quite partial to a wooden floor too, I really wanted an oak floor for my kitchen but alas the budget wouldn’t stretch, one day!    I am lucky enough to have solid planks in my bathroom that I have painted, and decent boards in the master bedroom that is adorned with an original Turkish rug that was a very generous wedding present. Another layer to natural flooring is the addition of  a traditional antique rug, they look like jewels especially in the right environment over parquet or bricked floors and of course on wood.

Natural Undefoot-004

Natural Undefoot-003

The next room that will be getting the natural flooring treatment in my house is the spare bedroom, the carpet in there is getting a bit tired.  The room gets used on a daily basis as a dressing room of sorts, Ruby plays in there, I sometimes use it as a reading room and of course it is slept in when we have guests.   I think I will be taking a look at the country life range from Carpetright, a very affordable sisal range which would be just ideal.

Natural Undefoot-006

So if you are thinking about new carpets why not consider the natural option, I don’t think you’d regret it one little bit.


3 thoughts on “The Natural Way Underfoot

  1. Gorgeous! Our carpet is awful…I was trying to wait til I had time to paint the floors but every time I walk up the stairs, the temptation to rip gets stronger!! The natural options are lush xx


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