The Garden Beckons


I love gardening, I’m an avid amateur, I get it completely wrong sometimes and get ever so frustrated but the good truly out-weighs the minor hiccups.    You’ll find me in the warmer months pottering out there with the birds first thing on a morning in my nightie, coffee in one hand dead headed flowers in the other, it is sheer bliss.   I do like my little plot at the break of dawn it always looks so fresh and beautiful and then again in early evening when the sun has faded and I go watering it amazes me to see new things appear when they weren’t there a day ago.  It’s like getting little gifts every day as I always forget what I’ve planted the previous year!

The Garden Beckons

The Garden Beckons-001

I never sit still when I’m in the garden, I really try to but there’s always something that needs attending to, so me and the chickens pootle about togethe;, they get under my feet and try and eat all the new shoots but I don’t mind it’s lovely none the less.

The Garden Beckons-004

The Garden Beckons-005

I know this may sound rather fuddy duddy but I like nothing better than sitting down on a Friday evening with a well earned glass of wine and Gardeners World, can’t get enough of that old rogue Monty Don.  Even better this coming week it’s the Chelsea Flower Show.  I engross myself in every minute of it with great excitement.

The Garden Beckons-007

Visiting gardens is a favourite pastime of mine too, to wander around beautiful kept spaces full of inspiration and wonder.  Sometimes it really does feel like time has stopped just for a moment and I can’t quite get enough of that feeling I just wish you could bottle it.   I never come away empty handed either even though I really don’t have space for anything else.

The Garden Beckons-008

The Garden Beckons-009

My new little project is the space at the front of the house, my neighbours don’t really seem to care that much about their spaces, most concreted over for  cars or grass that is extremely neglected.  I try not to look, I planted a row of  lavender a few years ago hoping that it would create a hedged border from the path and it has worked a treat. It looks stunning come July and is always teaming with bees.  So I have taken it one step further created a lovely gravelled path and new border  planted with a different variety of lavender called Grosso which grows very tall and willowy and I can’t wait for it to flower.

The Garden Beckons-010

The Garden Beckons-003

Oh my if I had the space for a greenhouse or potting shed then there would be no stopping me.  Here are some useful places to visit for those little vintage essentials, Mabel & Rose, Sarah Raven, The Vintage Gardener, The Balcony Gardener and one of the nicest gardens to visit and get expert advice is Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens simply wonderful.

The Garden Beckons-002

All Images are either mine or from here

So whatever you are doing this weekend I do hope a bit of time is spent pottering in your plot too ….



2 thoughts on “The Garden Beckons

  1. So lovely to see your beautiful garden and to hear that you get immense pleasure from it. Gorgeous images.


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