Happiness is Owen and Hunter

“Owen and Hunter is a coming together of two like minded souls with a thrifty nature and a magpie’s eye. Together on their wanderings gather pieces from days gone by. Spinning a tale and creating beautiful items to give as gifts or to fill your home with charm”

Owen and Hunter

It really is a wonderful thing being able to spend time doing something that you are passionate about with one of your closest friends.  Owen and Hunter is sheer joy, a pastime that Vicky and I get to dabble our toes in to keep our insatiable talent of scouring car boots for treasure well and truly alive.

OH Tumblr-025

OH Tumblr-021

Our first outing this year is this coming Sunday at the Hospitium in the Museum Gardens York a beautiful venue for a Home and Lifestyle fair.   We are then venturing south in the summer to visit Guilford to sell our wares at Selina Lake’s Handmade and Vintage Summer fate in July.   September we will be having fun at the Festival of Thift and then in November at a wonderful homespun fair with our favourite girlie girl Cheryl-Ann Taylor.

OH Tumblr-027

Our tumblr page is ticking along nicely full to the brim with inspiration and what we aspire to achieve in the future.  Things that we find truly beautiful and would love to have in our homes.  Hopefully it will ignite that spark for you also, simple things to create a calm and simple life no fuss or clutter just pleasing on the eye.

OH Tumblr-019

OH Tumblr-024

OH Tumblr-023

Some of the things coming with me this weekend….

OH Tumblr-020



Other things that make my heart sing that we are on the hunt for over the summer months ….


OH Tumblr-026

OH Tumblr-022

Hopefully we will see you on Sunday, you’ll be greeted with big smiles and a stand full of things I know you won’t be able to resist.

1484105_1457715274465223_8790824892198526147_n (1)

All Images Mine, Owen and Hunter and Pinterest

Do drop by and say hello ….



2 thoughts on “Happiness is Owen and Hunter

  1. A visual treat, a perfect accompaniment to my cup of tea and chocolate digestive. Hope you have a great day.


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