The Humble Door


I always notice a good door, one of the first things that I did when we bought our house was to save enough of our pennies to change all the internal doors.   I live in a modern 80’s build but I wanted my little house to be a haven with a country cottage feel, I’m getting there and if you squint hard enough you don’t notice all our neighbours.   I sourced some wonderful Victorian stripped pine doors and my husband, bless him, fitted every single one.  The difference a door makes is remarkable even down to the handles, and boy do I love my door handles; turned ebonised Victorian beauties that they are.

I find myself taking photographs of doors too especially when visiting National Trust properties.  The sheer architecture of say a Georgian door is quite exquisite.  Most of us are not as lucky to live in such splendid properties but to change a door in ones home can make all the difference.   If you have quite a dark hall way and your main door leads straight into this space adding a door with glazed panels will bring in so  much light and there’s nothing nicer than being greeted by a sunlit hallway on a morning. Doors-005

Even better if you have the luxury of a side door leading from the garden into an occasional room that you use at certain times of the day when the light is good; for instance having your morning coffee and a read of your book or a making room in the afternoon when the sun is on that side of the house.  A doorway that means you can pop out to tend to your plants just when you feel like it or relax on the sheltered terrace in mid summer.


Doors are rather versatile you can doctor them to how you want to use them, sometimes privacy is needed so a curtain may be hung or when the weather turns chill a heavy drape to keep those wintry draughts at bay.



I’m quite partial to a painted door depending on how you paint it and with the right medium be it flat matt or high sheen gloss gives a completely different effect.   Using the same paint on the walls and doors is a favourite of mine, it creates a cohesive seamless feel which I find rather dramatic be it a deep rich colour if you are brave enough or all white bringing colour into the room with soft furnishing and carefully selected pieces of furniture.



Some of us just like plain, a beautiful piece of wood, tactile and lovely, I just like to look at mine, ponder over their history, who made them and wonder what  the house was like it lived in when first crafted.


You can also have some fun with using doors in different ways such as room dividers instead of a boring old wall,  they also look amazing if you have the space as headboards for your bed, it’s amazing what one can do with a little imagination.   The best part of being creative is to upcycle the humble door to give it a new life as something that it wasn’t intended to be.


There’s one thing that I seem to be able to do to all my doors in the house, hang things from them be it pretty things on door handles or wreaths at certain times of the year, dressing gowns and wash-bags in the bathroom, tools and utensils in the shed or many a time new dresses that I can’t bear to hide away in the wardrobe just yet.


So I think we all need to just take time to stop and look at our lovely doors and if you find that yours really aren’t up to scratch or you find an urge to get creative then I would maybe start here to begin finding the right door for you.





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