There’s Always Ticking

“Ticking (fabric) is a cotton or linen textile, tightly woven for durability, and used to cover mattresses and bed pillows. It commonly has a striped design, in muted colours such as brown, grey or blue, and occasionally red or yellow, against a plain, neutral background.”


One of the simplest things in the world that was originally a hard wearing textile used to cover things and not be seen is one of my favourite favourites and I want to show it off everywhere, I just love ticking.


There is something comforting and wholesome about ticking fabric and lucky for us you can use it in all manner of ways from cushions to pillowcases, curtains and blinds, chair coverings to deck chairs, napkins, table cloths ,bags and dresses; the list goes on.  Adding a stripe to a room scheme seems to lift it to another level, put it with a floral  that has a hint of the same colour matching the stripe and it delights the eyes.



Lucky for me I have a footstool in my living room that is covered in an air force blue ticking fabric, I had a metre left over and have been unsure of how to create something new.  It has sat neatly folded over the back of a chair for a year biding it’s time until I took the plunge and bought a sewing machine.   I have been a demon ever since making cushions using said fabric and some left over French linen.  The results are just peachy and I’m rather proud of myself, no more shop bought soft furnishings for me.  Thrifty ways and no leftovers, the rest is going to be used as lavender bags and maybe if you are lucky  a few more cushions to be sold via Owen and Hunter this summer.  Beautiful plain white antique French linens displayed among pale striped ticking is sheer perfection.

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The best places to purchase this wonderful fabric by the metre are the king of stripes Ian MankinTinsmiths and of course a candy stripe or two from Cabbages and Roses never hurts but if you ever come across some original fabric on your travels snap it up.



 Images mine, instagram and pinterest


See no home should be without a stripe or two ….







6 thoughts on “There’s Always Ticking

  1. One of my favourite jobs I did years ago was to make a loose cover for a dining chair out of ticking with an inverted pleat at the back and covered buttons it was scrumptious. I adore ticking for its simplicity and ease on the eye………………..


    1. Oh blimey Catherine inverted pleats that’s uber clever!!! I can just about make a pillowcase type cushion cover, with ticking fabric of course! I couldn’t imagine my home without a touch of ticking. Jane x


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