Easter Treats


Spring has definitely sprung in my house, the garden is green and luscious, the house is bathed in sunshine and my Easter gatherings are on display.  Not everyone decorates their homes at Easter but I find it a true celebration of Spring in the same vein as Christmas.   We go out gathering and foraging twigs and branches to hang handmade eggs.  Beautiful boughs of hawthorn creates a stunning display.


I relish this time of year it all feels so fresh and new as if it were the first time your eyes have seen things even though they have been there all along.  I adore nothing more than popping out into my little plot and picking posies to dot around the house in all manner of vessels, jam jars, old French cheese pots, pickling jars all items that had other uses when first made but now reside in my home disguising them self as vases.  They also make wonderful table displays if you are entertaining over this Easter weekend.




I’ve spent a happy hour in the garden over the past few weeks tidying and planting new plants, we have even managed to plant Charlotte potatoes, growing your own produce whether on a very small scale or a larger concern is such a rewarding pass-time.  I planted more tête a tête that are already in flower but once they are over their bulbs will create magic and this time next year I will have many a more nodding buttercup yellow trumpet dancing in the breeze.   Another favourite pass-time of mine is pouring over sumptuous images of other gardens getting ideas for my own also visiting a few for inspiration, there’s nothing more calming than sauntering around a beautiful garden bringing peace and calm with every step.


Pastel shades seem to come to the for in Spring too, how can one resist?


Also for me it’s the time when we throw off those winter shackles and go out buying stock for Owen and Hunter, nothing quite like that first car boot to start building stock for the up and coming summer fairs.   I’m like a child in a sweetie shop when I have my purse full of coins to spend on wonderful treasure that someone no longer wants, linens, china, glassware, watering cans you name it I find it.


 Images via myself and pinterest

 H A P P Y   E A S T E R







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