Bang on Trend with Colour


Bang on trend seems to be the in-phrase at the moment; trends come and go but as I see it there seems to be a move away from the bland magnolias to embracing colour in all its forms.

I may have recently written a post about the new colours from Farrow and Ball here, and of course you all know I have just painted my living room in a deep blue which is truly delicious, but I have been asked by Kent Blaxill, prime stockist of Farrow and Ball, to widen your horizons with colour matching.  Go off piste and add those fabulous brighter hues to add that pop and zing to a scheme.    Deepen those neutral walls to a dark grey, deep red or even a dark brown.  It’s amazing once you try, how colour can transform a once rather dull space.

Bang on Trend with Colour-003


Bang on Trend with Colour-005

Farrow and Ball’s key colours for this year are a reflection of the landscape and the seashore bringing a hint of nature back into our homes using colours such as Cooking Apple Green, Stiffkey Blue, Purbeck Stone and Mole’s Breath.

Bang on Trend with Colour

Bring in the brights, a perfect time to update that neglected space using colour in a way that heightens the senses and makes one smile, Arsenic, Citron, St Giles Blue, Yellow Cake, Nancy’s Blushes and Charlotte’s Locks.

Bang on Trend with Colour-001

Bang on Trend with Colour-002

But if you really do love the paler shades there are a myriad of whites to choose from the brighter end of the scale to the slubbier hues at the other.

Bang on Trend with Colour-006

If redecorating a whole room is not on the agenda then how about a weekend project of updating a piece of furniture bringing it back to life and creating a new focus for the room that it is situated in.
Bang on Trend with Colour-004

 All Images ~ Mine or Farrow and Ball

So why not pick up those paint brushes over this Easter break and give your home a Spring spruce up and yes you can buy Farrow and Ball brushes from Kent Blaxill too!




2 thoughts on “Bang on Trend with Colour

  1. I love the use of colour in these photos – lovely spring and summery feel to them. This eclectic look is great and the coloured walls really show of each item. Best of all, it is something everyone can acheive – pretty cheaply too. love your blog. Could browse these photos for hours!


    1. Thank you Joanna, it makes me a very happy girl that my blog is being read and truly apprecidated, it means a great deal. You can’t beat a bit of colour either and as you say everyone can achieve it. Have a lovely weekend.

      Jane x


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