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IMG_20140329_093416 I first came across Baileys many moons ago just after we got married and set up home, it was whilst pregnant with Ruby that I made my first purchase from them and the love affair began.   I used to pour over their beautiful catalogue and now I can’t help mooching through the divine pages of their website.   My house has many items from Baileys from our loo seat to the kitchen sink (honestly it came from them!).  My latest buy is a customised  bell jar light for our caravan awning. IMG_20140313_100411 A few years ago I organised a fabulous family holiday to Hay-on-Wye unbeknownst to Robert, it was a ruse so I could page homage to the Whitecross Farm buildings, Ross on Wye.   We did have a wonderful week, Herefordshire is such an unspoilt part of the world and I fell head over heels for the beauty and peace of this county. Anyway one of those halcyon days was spent like a giddy child on Christmas day in Baileys barns, loft and sheds.  It truly is a Mecca of a store every where you look your eyes are met with items that you just want to have.







Every surface is piled very tastefully with things that are useful, unfussy and practical with an overall simple design.   You find yourself coming away with things such as white jugs (every home needs one), lemon squeezers, vegetable brushes, soft linen tea towels and vintage garden chairs thrown into the mix, what could be better.








Mark and Sally Bailey have a successful succession of books under their belts too.  Simple Home is one of my favourites, it has well turned pages that I refer to when I want to feel a sense of calm and reassurance reminding me of the joy of sustainable living in the very fast track world of ours.  It is a beautiful book to own it comes highly recommended and I can’t wait for their fourth book to be published.





I’m an avid reader of Freunde von Freunden they have just posted an interview with the Baileys, go take a look here, it gives you a rounded image of and an urge to go back to  the store.   Now that our caravan’s arrival date is creeping ever closer a holiday in Herefordshire may need to planned but until then the website will have to do.

Freunde-von-Freunden-Baileys-293-930x620 (2)

 Image by fvf


All images from Baileys ~ My InstagramFreunde von Freunden

…and of course my piggy bank is saving up for one of their 1930’s bathroom kits oh yes indeed one day the loo seat will to be part of the gang!



4 thoughts on “Simply Baileys

  1. Love reading your weekly blogs we seem to love the same things ! Baileys home store makes my heart race ! I need an excuse for another trip too


  2. Thank You Kirstie! You are a girl with very good taste if you love Baileys! Yes I need another trip too, I’ve already earmarked cool caravan sites near by for a holiday in our van xx


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