A Week That Went Arwy

I know that writing a blog post once a week isn’t the most taxing of things to do but sometimes it takes longer than one thinks.  I try and plan ahead of what I want to write about making it inspiring or informative but on occassion things go a bit awry.

I had a most marvellous weekend away last week with a bunch of truly talented, hilariously funny wonderful friends.  We have all met through the medium of social media, a place that can be rather fickle but also a life line to the outside world and  I have been blessed with the good ones, we meet once a year for a weekend away and its good for ones soul.

Due to this weekend away I am rather tired, a couple of late nights and I’m blooming useless and a poorly daughter thrown into the mix and my creative cells left the building.

Not that I’m trying to make any excuses but this weeks post really isn’t one if you know what I mean.

I thought I would leave you with this image, the most wonderful shop in Matlock, Derbyshire called the Vintage Rooms, if I could I would live in it, it’s full to the rafters with everything that makes me heart race that little bit faster and I get all giddy, I always come away with a little purchase or two.   If you are every passing don’t walk buy go in I dare you….


Normal services will resume next week, scouts honour.




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