Green & Pleasant


In honour of St Patrick’s Day this week and an image of a beautiful caravan that caught my eye I dedicate this post to the colour GREEN.


The garden is starting to sprout fresh green shoots all over the place which makes me very happy indeed.   I spent quality time in my little plot this weekend, spring sun shining my chickens keeping me company and helping with the pest control.  I tidied and pruned, swept and moved, planted and made lists of new gems that I want to fill empty spaces.


I can’t wait to serve fresh spring time dishes on my favourite platter and pick home grown stems from my garden.  Producing things with your very own hands is such a rewarding joy that no one should underestimate in this very fast paced world of ours.



Green is such a calming colour I find, I sit in a green kitchen every day, my favourite pashmina is green and I’m wrapped up in it as I’m typing this as the sun has gone behind a cloud.




In hibernation at the moment tucked up in the garage are my chippy green painted German bandstand garden chairs waiting for a little more warmth before they adorn my bricked patio.  Seating in green is refreshing, a hint in any form added to your interior spaces creates a fresh calmness.




See I already feel chilled just penning this post, embrace green in all it’s forms, I’d be utterly lost without it’s many hues.


What do you think?

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