Letter Love

ec9157bde8def066cdbc02a28aa7f829 I’m quite partial to a good letter as decoration.  As soon as I bought the house a few walls were adorned with our initials, these have now gone but others have appeared over the years even to the point of having one inked on my wrist so I can take both my R’s (Robert and Ruby) with me wherever I go. Letters-002

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Letters-001 I have a small passion for monogrammed linens too be it on napkins, towels or bedsheets.  My collections is growing to the point I have to find uses for them, hand towels in the bathroom, wardrobe doors removed and a monogrammed sheet hung in their place (the doors were pretty hideous, smokey mirrors!) and as we speak a gorgeous friend of mine is making a French bed sheet with our initials on it into a Roman blind for my newly decorated living room. DSC_8408 I like the quirkiness of adding letters to an interior, it really says something about the person who owns the space.   Be bold and find rather large industrial ones that once lived a different life as signage.Letters-005 Discretely place them in a collage of other items so only you know the meaning. Letters-006 Randomly place a whole host of letters in a range of shape and size creating a very visual display. Letters-007 You can also have fun making random words. Letters-003 Good things always come in twos. Letters-004

Images a mixture of mine and these

If you like a good rummage at a reclamation yard, salvage fair, car boot like I do you most certainly will come across some original lettering.   If you want to search for some from the comfort of your living room visit Goose Home & Garden they have a lovely selection at the moment.  If you are after brand new and don’t want to wait for the chance of finding the initial you are after I would recommend Posh Graffiti. Happy letter hunting.

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