Mellow Yellow

IMG_20140223_081504 This post was inspired by cake and bulbs.  At the weekend I had daffodils that sang in a jug and made a lemon drizzle cake that vanished without a trace.  Both things find me nearly able to touch spring and I do love a good dollop of yellow thrown into the mix.   In the garden  I see little tête a tête’s raising their sleepy heads and primrose buds forming their pale buttery hued crowns. IMG_20140302_171243

Images above from my Instagram

So an ode to yellow occured, it is such a cheery colour in all its forms from the palest of lemon to the depths of gold, adding a hint of it to a scheme really lifts it to another dimension.

Mellow Yellow-005

Mellow Yellow-004

A jug full of yellow tulips, daffodils or blossom just makes you smile.   A glinty shine of a  buttercup held under ones chin to see if you like butter brings back childhood memories of warm sunny days.

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow-001

An addition of  yellow toned seating in any form will make your space sing.

Mellow Yellow-003

To immerse a room from head to toe may be a little extreme for some, but boy it creates a huge impact for those who dare.

Mellow Yellow-006

All other images from pinterest

An easier solution to bringing this wonderful colour into your home is to fill a large bowl with lemons as a display all of its own then make some lemon curd which is  just delicious. (One of the best recipes for lemon curd is in The Family Cook Book pg 143,which has well turned pages in our house)


4 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow

  1. Lovely post and I do like a bit of mellow (read: muted) yellow. It’s obviously a cheerful colour, but also looks great in a calm interior. Though no neon yellow for me please ;-) Have a lovely weekend xo


  2. Well I have been surround by yellow this weekend, I’ve been away enjoying myself in Derbyshire and spring has definitely sprung down there, so many daffodils and primroses. I think everyone needs a hint of yellow somewhere in their interiors too xx


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