Super Succulents

My succulent

A house plant even I can’t kill!   I’m not one for house plants to be honest, the time and effort needed to keep them looking resplendent I find a bit tedious.  I like a changing variety of blooms instead, I always have fresh flowers. I blow my budget every week on filling vases in nearly every room of the house.  But there is one little plant that I have a soft spot for, the super succulent.

Super Succulents-001

Super Succulents

I have a beautiful sedum in my  garden that flowers late summer bringing a deep burnt red colour to the border but I have never brought one inside.  My dear friend Sarah~Lou from Lapin Blu has inspired me to give it a go, I had a day out in the summer at a National Trust property who had a little table of plants for sale.   A little succulent sat there all on its own and I couldn’t help bring it home with me.   It is now 6 months old and still alive looking lovely in a vintage teacup on a shelf in my bathroom.

Super Succulents-005

Super Succulents-004

The texture and versatility of these lovely plants are vast.  You can put them almost anywhere, outside on a table or patio, in teacups, crates, enamelware, trophies, the list is endless.  Group them together for a big impact or have one single succulent all on its own for simplicity.

Super Succulents-003

Super Succulents-002

I also love the depth of colour each one has from the deepest of green to perfect pinks, you can even use them in floral displays to add a bit of a wow factor.

Super Succulents-007

Super Succulents-006

Images ~ Pinterest

So from one who doesn’t like house plants I am whole heartedly converted to be a super succulent supporter!


3 thoughts on “Super Succulents

    1. You’d be chuffed to bits that my little one in a teacup in my bathroom is thriving! It’s having babies too so I need to re read your post and pot on!!!


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