The Crafty Crate

Ruby is in desperate need for more shelving in her bedroom, the books and paraphernalia are growing and her dresser top is now groaning for space.  I wanted to get more creative than going out and buying a plain shelf so I got thinking and crates popped into my head.   I have many a vintage apple crate in the garage that I use as display for Owen and Hunter outings but I do like them as they are, so I searched online for repro ones that I know I could change relatively easily.

My plan was to paint the crate the same colour as the walls and use vintage wallpaper to paper the slats making it look super for displaying bits and bobs.

So here it is in it’s stages of change.  Stage one take one plain crate.

The Crafty Shelf-002

Stage two, give the crate a bit of a sand down to get rid of rough edges then using undercoat to prime the crate for painting.


Stage three, choose your colour and paint away, two coats gives an all over more smooth finish.  I’ve used Elephants Breath by Farrow and Ball as this is the wall colour of the room.


Stage four, make templates of the slats you want to paper, this helps with getting the measurements correct before cutting the wallpaper, then cut away.  I have used different paper for each slat for an eclectic patchwork look.

The Crafty Shelf-001

Stage five, paint each slat with a thin layer of PVA glue and stick each piece of wallpaper in place, leave to dry for 24 hrs.  For the final flourish I covered the wallpaper with a thin coat of matt varnish to protect it from knocks and scrapes and keep in looking tip top for many years to come.



Once complete hang on the wall and enjoy!

Crafty Crates

Crafty Crates-003

Crates are very useful creatures, firstly they just look good but secondly so versatile for storage, you can stack them to make a wall of shelves, put wheels on them to use are magazine racks, stand them on an existing table to create different levels of shelving.  I just love them.

Crafty Crates-001

Crafty Crates-002

Crate Images ~ Pinterest

I hope I’ve inspired you to go and get some crates and be creative.


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