The Painted House

Tussock Roller My roller arrived from The Painted House with great excitement and now the anticipation will linger until I can use it.  Rewind a few months to when I spotted the rollers in a magazine feature thinking what a simple but extremely clever idea but never thought that I would be in a position to try one out.  Then the opportunity to buy a caravan arose which got my design cells firing on all cylinders, I want to create the interior of the van with hand made artisan items so why not create hand printed curtains.  A plain linen fabric has been chosen, the tussock roller is just perfect and a blue dead flat paint sourced, all I have to wait for now is the caravan which arrives in May.The Painted House The embossed pattern rollers come in 18 different designs, a choice of two applicators are available one for use on fabric, the other for paper, wood and walls.  All rollers are reusable and interchangeable which is genius. The Painted House-005 The Painted House-003 The Painted House-002 The fabric applicator creates a handmade block print look producing wonderful results for curtains, cushions, lampshades, nakpins and so on.  The paper and wall roller creates a different effect altogether, a sponged hand made look that gives an impression that it has always been there.  The use of this versatile product really is endless, from furniture, to walls and floors, creating your own wrapping paper and hand made cards its talents are endless. The Painted House-001 The Painted House-006 The Painted House-004

Images ~ The Painted House on Pinterest

There’s even a nifty instruction film showing you the steps needed to get rollering …

I shall let you know in the coming months if my adventure with patterned paint rollers is successful, I do hope you all have a go too.


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