B for Botanical


Image ~ Country Living ~  (The wallpaper Garden Party by Boråstapeter)

It all started with an article in the March edition of Country Living and a conversation with my friend Marna Lunt about the wallpaper above.  It lead us down a path towards botanical prints which prompted this post. B for Botanical They seem to be bang on trend at the moment, especially with spring just around the corner, thoughts of getting out in the potting shed, redecorating your homes or just adding a new item of interest for the season. B for Botanical-001 If you want to make a bold statement then the Garden Party range of wallpapers from Wallpaper Direct are just the ticket.  A more subtle addition would be framing vintage prints or wall hangings that would look fabulous just about anywhere.   Grouped frames hung symmetrically in a large group on a living room wall make a very eye catching display.  Wall charts would look fabulous in a play room, kitchen wall or even a feature for the bathroom! 12cdf682eef2c82c03d0e622160af371 b48ff87f295b0e51dd1cb3e44347f35c B for Botanical-003 Wallography is a one stop shop filled with every scientific illustrated wall chart you could imagine and if you are quick Sarah Moore Vintage has some original vintage charts available too. B for Botanical-002

Images ~ Wallography & Pinterest


Image ~ Sarah Moore Vintage

All other images here in B for Botanical

So botanical is the way to go …


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