All About Ruby…

A post that wasn’t meant to be written this week, I had great plans but other things seem to have decided against that.  I can’t quite focus and decided to make it rather short and sweet and will come back full of vigour next week I promise.


A strange weekend has followed by an even more unusual week I won’t bore you with the details, a state of limbo is taking over so I want peace and calm and no more worries.  A sofa to blob on,  cuddles and more cuddles and sleep.






Can you possibly love someone more than you can express, I think I can, my quirky wonderful daughter Ruby.  I want to protect her from everything, I don’t want to see her scared or worried and I want to make everything better but at the moment I have to be patient and wait.  She is so preciously beautiful a funny creature who has bewitched Robert and I she is such joy.   So fingers crossed everything is going to be fine, bad thoughts be gone.


Lets look forward and put the rubbishy rubbish days behind us.


10 thoughts on “All About Ruby…

  1. My gorgeous girls (and boy) have a lovely relaxed weekend. All will be good. Sending you all the biggest hugs and kisses in the world xxxx


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