The Great Outdoors

DSC_9104 Most of the time in Winter you want to hibernate underneath a pile of eiderdowns and slowly rise from your slumber when Spring shows signs of its warm smile.   But sometimes a rare moment arises when nature waves its magic wand and calls you outside to be embraced by its beauty.   One of these days happened to me last weekend; away from the warmth of my little home and familiar surroundings I was urged to go explore outside on the most crisp and cold day to wander in the woods.  To stop and breath in the fresh air, open my eyes and look and for a moment – time felt like it stood still. DSCF0804 DSC_9112 DSC_9100 DSC_9090

Images ~ Mine

The great outdoors is a wonderful place in a world filled with laptops, mobiles and technology everything happening at the speed of light always contactable, always having to reply, we forget to stop and be still.  We made a promise that we will venture out more together as a family and just be outside in all its splendour, the benefits of taking the time to just be are a tonic indeed.

The Great Outdoors-002 The Great Outdoors-001 The Great Outdoors-003

Images ~ Pinterest

A favourite song of mine with lyrics that make you think …

A place to visit that brings the essence of a time gone by, craftsmanship and the outdoors ethos to life is The Great English Outdoors, I have had the pleasure to visit the shop on a wonderful holiday in Hay~on~Wye a place I long to go back to.  Lucky for us they also have a lovely website, I myself am hankering after one of their welsh blankets that would keep me toasty warm after a long walk.

The Great Outdoors

Images ~ The Great English Outdoors ~ Welsh Blankets

So whatever you have planned this weekend, take a moment to go outside and enjoy it’s simple pleasures.


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