Birthdays that are Big

An unusual post today my lovely lot, I find myself in the week of my birthday yet again, it’s today to be precise.  I really didn’t have a clue what to write about  so this will be a little montage about what I shall be getting up to this weekend with some added birthday snippets.

I have turned the grand old age of ….


Some folk find this age a difficult one, to be truthfully honest I couldn’t give a jot!   Can’t quite believe that its here as I don’t feel this age at all but as they say it’s only a number.  So I thought I would dig out some old photos of me while rather small, I remember them being taken too.   I more often than not disliked having my photograph taken, something which is still true today.


I did smile sometimes though …


Once grown up the elusive images of me are normally smiley ones, but I always seem to be wearing sunglasses!


I’m not one for parties or being too frivolous but I wanted to mark this special day somehow so I did get a cheeky tattoo which will be a permanent reminder that I will always be young at heart.


That aside a plan was hatched that neither breaks the bank nor allows the day to disappear within a blink of an eye; we 3 decided to go away together for the weekend to stay in a log cabin near the beautiful Yorkshire town of Pickering.   So come this evening I shall be having a glass of something fizzy and a slice of cake, snuggling by the log burner and relaxing.



Wherever you are or whatever you are doing have a wonderful weekend.


8 thoughts on “Birthdays that are Big

  1. Happy birthday darling lady. Love the tat! Hope you have a marvellous log cabin sort of weekend with much laughter and merriment . I look forward to celebrating your 40th with you in March in a rather special barn! Xx


  2. Happy Belated Birthday Jane. Wow!! 40 already?! It only seems like yesterday….!!
    I hope you had a wonderful time for your milestone moment. All the family here in Oz sends their love and best wishes xoxox


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