Autumn Days

I’m supposed to be on holiday but I thought I might as well squeeze in a post of the smaller variety whilst husband and child are out and about having some fun together.  Me I stayed home with a big mug of tea and the laptop just for you.

So it’s just me in a relaxed mood letting you in on a few things we have got up to this week….

The clocks went back so a lie-in was a must.


We visited a beautiful house of the National Trust variety.


I caught a leaf, not as easy as it looks.

We have a dream of trading in the tent for a holiday home on wheels, a visit to a show room made our minds up,  a tin tent is on the cards

The pumpkin got a makeover.


Mini pumpkins are a must.


Visited a fair of the buying variety.


Naturally I found a few treasures on our travels, French and monogrammed just delicious and of course there is more bounty but I’m on holiday so they can wait.


(all images yours truly and pinterest)

You’ll be able to purchase the odd bits and bobs on the 17th November at For the Love of Yarm Fair exciting!

Happy Autumn Half term,  hope your trick or treating brought you a bountiful harvest of goodies


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