Darker Matters

The light takes on a different hue at this time of the year, this September seems to have jumped straight in whole hog into Autumn more than a long Indian summer.   Once immersed in this season I’m quite happy but it takes a while for me to adjust especially the battle of wills on whether we can put the heating on or not!

Dark Matters-005

I do however revel in the colours that Autumn brings, I have had the pleasure of foraging for elderberries and blackberries on evening walks with the family all of which seem to be abundant in equal measures.   Being able to make cordials and crumbles from free hedgerow finds is good for one’s soul.

Dark Matters

The deep richness of the berries make the summer seem so far away which then makes you want to bring in the warmer tonal elements into your own home, a chunky throw or a deeper coloured cushion, candles are lit and the lights when on give an altogether different glow.

Dark Matters-004

Images ~ My own and here

Right I’m going now to wrap myself up in the  warmest  blanket I can find, have a lovely weekend everyone.

Jane x

6 thoughts on “Darker Matters

    1. The heating keeps being put on for an hour here or there in our house Anita! A crumble with hand picked blackberries was made last weekend as well as a glut of elderberry cordial that will get us through the season. Have a lovely weekend xxx


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