For The Love of ….Buying

I didn’t realise how much of a buying addict I was until my little house started to burst at the seams, in a stylish way of course!    I don’t want to stop buying, I love getting up really early in the morning walking around a large field getting dewy feet and finding the most amazing things, it makes me feel good.   I also adore coming across finds when on holiday, that hidden gem of a  shop that is full of curiosities that make your eyes widen and want to do a little dance!

For the Love of..-004

For the Love of..-005

For the Love of..-003

The time has come to start selling on my wondrous finds, so on the 22nd September Owen and Hunter or OH! for short are dipping in their creative toes by setting up a stall full to the brim with beautiful home wares all clean and tidy ready to install into your home.  A lovely mix of things from linens to watering cans.  What could be better?  Find more out about us here.

For The Love of Yarm


I’m rather excited about it all actually, hope to see a few of you there!

Jane x

2 thoughts on “For The Love of ….Buying

  1. Now I really feel sorry for myself ;-)…..not being able to visit this lovely fair.Would have been two in one…to get a chance to buy something beautiful and to meet you! I’m sure it will be a great succes, Anita xo


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